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Empower Your Transition with In-depth Insights

For organisations currently leveraging SAP Solution Manager, the upcoming end of maintenance marks a critical juncture. This milestone is not just a reminder of the inevitable evolution of technology, but also an opportunity to reassess and enhance your ALM strategy. Transitioning to SAP Cloud ALM offers a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that your ALM capabilities remain cutting-edge, scalable, and aligned with the latest cloud advancements.

Our readiness check tool is designed to answer key questions about your current and future ALM capabilities:

  • Current Usage Analysis: Which SAP Solution Manager capabilities are you using, and how do they translate to SAP Cloud ALM?
  • Equivalency and Planning: What equivalent capabilities exist in SAP Cloud ALM, and what is their planning or delivery status?
  • Exclusive SAP Cloud ALM Features: Discover unique capabilities that are only available within SAP Cloud ALM, offering you advanced functionalities not found in SAP Solution Manager.

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